True Health and Fitness – And How To Get There NOW

What does it really take to have true health and fitness? Be assured that is much more than what you are being told! But…in the real world you have to start somewhere!We certainly understand that the majority of “searchers” are completely frustrated by the myriad of conflicting health, diet and exercise sites out there. We know that most of us are really just looking for the means to generally loose weight and put some shape back into our bodies.We’ve been there and done that…..So after years of seeing the “GOOD the BAD and the UGLY”, we have decided that it is our job to review the various books, websites and blogs and rate them from real value to real garbage (and everything in-between) and then recommend the ones that can and will make the RIGHT difference for you!What makes the process more difficult is deciding which of the many variables make the information on a blog or web-site good? Are the instructions easy to understand and use? Is there good continuity between exercise and nutrition? Is the information correct on the bio-mechanics of the recommended exercises and, most importantly how much emphasis do they place on how food really interacts with body sculpting and total health!Truth be known… is 70% of being in shape and exercise is how you decide your shape.Best benefit (& most important); is the overall “body health” that you achieved is just 30 to 45 minutes a day of exercise (turn off the TV) and some smart food choices. (no, Dunkin Creamy Krispies DON’T count)The overall feeling of well-being, both physically and psychologically are amazing….and it happens much quicker that you think.It is truly all about YOU and YOUR choices! Try it and you will never go back!